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Wells AG Supply shops every chemical manufacturer to provide you with the most effective, high-quality products at competitive prices. We deliver, offer equipment rental services, free pump and meter usage, and we also provide custom application utilizing the most advanced logistics and planning tools to make custom applying fast, easy, and efficient.

We also provide 24-hour nitrogen loadout.   This allows you to come in any time, nights or weekends, so you can plant on time and beat almost any changes in the weather.  With over 18,000 tons of chemical supply, we won’t run out and can provide you with the chemicals you need at any level of demand.

Herbicides, Insecticides, Fungicides, Biological Stimulants, Biological Nutrients, Inoculants, and More

Wells AG Supply makes loading and mixing chemicals fast and easy.  With our extensive inventory, you can mix any combination of fungicides, insecticides, biological stimulants, biological nutrients, and inoculants to address any of your needs year round.  No need to preorder or wait, we shop the very best products at the lowest prices from every major manufacturer.  We have an extensive inventory and we make sure we have the products you need on hand and ready for pickup.

Improve your crop performance and react to weather, disease, and pests as fast as possible.  We also offer you state of the art technology and equipment to allow you to save time and money with every application.

Wells AG Supply Provides:

  • We offer 24-hour nitrogen loadout, allowing you to beat the weather and plant on time.
  • We shop every major manufacturer get you the best products and prices.
  • All our products are backed by the manufacturers.
  • We offer complimentary use of accurate and high-performance pumps and meters on bulk tanks.
  • We offer rental equipment, self-propelled sprayers, and aerial spraying when you need it.
  • We take any and all returns, bring any amount of supplies back that you don’t use.
  • We offer extensive variety and you can make use of our extensive product supply of over 18,000 tons, so there’s no need to preorder or wait.
  • We also offer advanced technology and mapping services to allow you to improve efficiency and save time and money.

Our goal is to provide the materials and resources that will let you increase yields and save money.

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