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Biological Nutrition

Wells AG Supply offers an extensive biological nutrition portfolio.  We work with many different chemical manufacturers in order to provide you with the most effective products at the lowest prices.

We have an enormous quantity of the following ready to order or be picked up at any time:

  • Live Soil Bacteria
  • Nutritionals
  • Biological Stimulants
  • Trace Minerals
  • Plant Hormones
  • And More

We have the ability to custom load and hot load your order with any combination you need.  This makes it easier and more efficient when applying your nutritionals.

Live Soil Bacteria

We invest in state of the art equipment that allows us to ferment large quantities of the fresh and high-quality cultures you need.  By purchasing your live soil bacteria from Wells AG Supply, you ensure that you receive the freshest and highest quality cultures available to allow your plants to thrive and increase yields.

Environoc 401

With a diverse team of beneficial microorganisms present in high concentration levels, ENVIRONOC 401 is a natural way to promote the fundamental relationship between the soil and plant. The microbes that make up this robust team are not genetically modified, non-pathogenic, and 100% naturally occurring. 401 with its diverse population of beneficial microorganisms ensures the soil and plant are able to efficiently work together to maximize the plant’s growth and productivity. 401 allows you to:

    • Establish larger and more diverse populations of beneficial microbes in your fields
    • Optimize the rhizosphere with a more robust and efficient plant and microbe relationship to improve growing conditions
    • Improve nutrient release and management through microbial activity, enhancing overall soil productivity

Environoc 501

Crop residue. Stubble. Waste. The leftovers from last season’s harvest could be considered a real nuisance. From increased fertilizer use to tire damage and fuel consumption, undigested residue is a physical tie up of your investment dollars.

But there is another way. Biodyne’s ENVIRONOC 501 Biological Stubble Digester is a broadcast application utilizing high concentrations of more than two dozen naturally-occurring, viable, non-ge-netically modified beneficial microbe strains.

When you end your season with an application of ENVIRONOC 501, you’re already starting the next season off right. Not only are you increasing the workability of the soil and the ease of planting the next crop, but you’re also helping to reduce wear and tear on your tires and equipment caused by typically tough crop residue.

Environoc 801-LN

Introducing Environoc 801 LN, a specifically designed biostimulant technology containing Biodyne’s proprietary, best-in-class Environoc 401 beneficial microbial consortium along with organic acid complexes and soil-penetrating technologies to benefit producers who do not have in-furrow delivery capabilities. The beneficial microbial population provides a very diverse, sustained and wide range of benefits to any crop. Some of the microbial capabilities include Nitrogen fixation and Phosphate solubilization organic acid profile that provides a superior carbon source that can feed microbial populations and provide micronutrient chelation abilities to the soil.

The soil penetrating technology provides a sustainable environment for beneficial microbes and biostimulants to proliferate in the soil and accessibility toward the root zone. Environoc 801 LN can increase stand emergence and uniformity, enhance crop vigor, increase root mass, facilitate better nutrient uptake, and reduce plant stress from environmental factors.

Respite RX and Environoc 801-LN

Respite Rx is a potassium fertilizer solution (0-0-20) that builds tolerance against physical and mechanical injury as well as environmental stresses. Respite Rx promotes plant growth while decreasing stress induced photorespiration, Respite Rx also increases the sugar content within the plant leading to a healthier and more vigorous crop.

      • Promotes plant growth by enhancing carbon fixation
      • Promotes the inhibition of Ethylene and the environmental stresses plants face
      • Increases plant turgidity
      • Promotes rapid growth and maturing
      • Increases sugar content
      • Reduces the watering requirements of the plant
      • Enhances the environmental tolerance of the plant
      • Promotes the growth of tissues in both juvenile and mature plants

Foliar Nutrition and Plant Growth Stimulants

We provide an extensive line of foliar nutrition including many rooting and fruiting hormones that utilize a perfectly balanced ratio of organic acids, and many supplemental trace mineral products to optimize and help plant growth and yields.

Biodyne Foliar Feeding

Premium Micro Blend Foliar

Applied to the leaf surface, foliar blends ellict  a sudden surge of microbial growth. This better unlocks nutrients in the soil and better enables the plant to turn them soluble.

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Immense Yield – Plant Growth Stimulant

Immense Yield Plant Growth Stimulant combines the power of Cytokinin (Kinetin), Gibberellic Acid (GA) and Indole-3-Butyric Acid (IBA) at the right ratio and right concentration to enhance the overall health and growth of the crop. The correct balance of these three hormones is critical for maximizing plant performance and yield potential.

Features and Benefits

Boosts plant growth and development for higher yield potentials

Formulated with the optimal ratio and concentration of plant hormones

Improves cell division and enlargement

Increases root and shoot development

Enhances photosynthesis and respiration

Reduces negative effects caused by stress

Excellent compatibility with row-starter fertilizers and pesticides

For use on: Corn, Soybeans, Wheat,

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Plant Growth Stimulant – Immense Yield Stimulant and Foliar

 More Bushels Always Makes Sense…

Immense Yield – Plant Growth Stimulant

  • Contains three plant hormones at the right ratio and concentration to maximize yield.
  • Reduces the negative effects caused by stress.
  • Enhances photosynthesis and respiration to help the crop power through stress.
  • Boosts plant growth and development for higher yield potentials.

Immense Yield – Premium Microblend Foliar

  • Provides essential nutrients for crop growth and development.
  • Foliar nutrition to help alleviate the negative effects of stress.
  • Increased humectancy and tank-mixing capabilities.
  • A tool for improving plant health and yield potential.
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Micro Nutrients


Boron 10% plant hormones are best utilized during the crop’s entire nutritional program where a soil and/or plant tissue analysis has indicated a boron deficiency.

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Zinc is a universal mineral necessary to facilitate healthy growth of every organism. Zinc deficiency in plants results in diminished development, growth, and sometimes infertility.

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Manganese is the major nutrient used to facilitate your crop’s ability to photosynthesize. Unfortunately, soil which is heavily weathered or has a pH value above 6, like tropical or sandy soil, tend to result in a manganese deficiency. Moreover, studies indicate that certain crops can be naturally susceptible to experience a deficiency in manganese.

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Carbose provides your soil with an instant installment of sugars as well as bacteria which create sugar.  This means your soil, roots, and crops have an immediate source of energy to facilitate growth with the added benefit of not worrying about starving for more!

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This micro-nutrient blend is full of organic acids which create a well-balanced environment for vibrant healthy plants of all species.

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Fulvic/Humic Acid

Fulvic acid binds to molecules harmful to your crop while making beneficial molecules easier to be absorbed. Humic acid is another natural compound which aids your plant’s ability to absorb nutrients. Together, they can create a healthier environment for your plants while helping keep away pests and disease.

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Sugar is the ultimate fuel for your plants. It feeds their desire to grow and to produce. Moreover, recent research looking into the impact of sugars on plant growth has determined that sugar, by itself can be used to regulate the growth of your crop.

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