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We offer a massive supply of quality and affordable agricultural chemicals and products to ensure you have everything you need when you need it.  With our products, you can react quickly to almost any variable that might threaten your crops.  We pride ourselves on timely farm equipment deliveries and most orders typically ship within the same business day they are ordered, and we also provide pick up services for any returned products you don’t use. With multiple semis and tractor-trailers, we can deliver almost any size of loadout and order right to your farm.

Why should you choose Wells AG Supply?

  • We have a massive supply of products and chemicals with over 18,000 tons of supply.
  • We shop every major manufacturer get you the best products at the best prices.
  • We offer all the chemicals and supplies you need, and we can typically deliver all supplies on the same business day of your order. *
  • Functioning and accurate pumps and meters are provided on every bulk order.
  • Bulk totes, tanks, and cages with an accurate 3-year chemical history to ensure no cross-contamination.
  • Fast and accurate logistics, most trucks and sprayers can be at your farm within 2 hours if you are within an 80-mile radius of our facility.*

We also offer many other farm delivery services to meet your needs, contact us today to see what else we can do for you.

*Delivery times and equipment rentals subject to the terms of contract agreed upon at the time of sale.  

Most orders typically take less than 1 hour for preparation, if the order is completed within approved business hours.

Transit Time: Most orders can be shipped to your location within 2 hours if you are located within an 80-mile radius of our facility and your order is completed within approved business hours.

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