Wells AG Supply


We will recruit, hire, and develop SELF-MOTIVATED and ADAPTABLE team members who display a high degree of ACCOUNTABILITY and EFFICIENCY.

Grant Wells

Owner & CEO

Tony Abbott

Executive Vice President

Email: tabbott@wellsagsupply.com

Carrie Walsh

Executive Administrator

Email: carriew@wellsagsupply.com

Brian Meyer

Chief Financial Officer

Email: brian@wellsagsupply.com

Megan Hauswirth

Chief Operations Officer

Email: meganh@wellsagsupply.com

Haley Wheatley

Human Resources Coordinator

email: haley@wellsagsupply.com

Kristen McEvoy

Marketing Director

Email: kmcevoy@wellsagsupply.com

Niccole Webster


Email: nwebster@wellsagsupply.com

Audra Rozenboom

Customer Finance Coordinator

Email: arozenboom@wellsagsupply.com

Annie Mohr

Financial Assistant

Email: anniem@wellsagsupply.com

Conner Shaw

Key Account Support Specialist

Email: conner@wellsagsupply.com

Angela Podraza

Environmental Services Operations

Omar Herrera

IT Manager

Email: oherrera@wellsagsupply.com

Spencer Shaw

Assistant Agronomy Manager / Inside Sales Agronomist

Email: spencer@wellsagsupply.com

Tanner Day

Inside Sales Agronomist

Email: tanner@wellsagsupply.com

Kyle Doonan

Inside Sales Agronomist

Email: kdoonan@wellsagsupply.com

Shane Hammen

Outside Sales Agronomist

Email: shane@wellsagsupply.com

Tim Schneider

Outside Sales Agronomist

Email: tim@wellsagsupply.com

Chad Mescher

Outside Sales Agronomist

Email: chmescher@wellsagsupply.com

Kelsey Sommerfeld

Accounting Manager

Email: kelsey@wellsagsupply.com

Lindsay Samuelson

Lead Accounting Assistant

Email: lsamuelson@wellsagsupply.com

Jessica Jergens

Accounting Assistant

Email: jessica@wellsagsupply.com

Kim Neppl

Accounting Assistant

Email: kneppl@wellsagsupply.com

Rachel Frederick

Accounting Assistant

Email: rfrederick@wellsagsupply.com

Braden Ehn

Accounting Analyst

Email: behn@wellsagsupply.com

Blake Elbert

Operations Manager

Email: blake@wellsagsupply.com

Heather Runneberg

Operations Administrator / Management

Email: heatherr@wellsagsupply.com

Robin Eddy-Knutson

Sprayer / Custom Application Dispatcher

Email: robin@wellsagsupply.com

Tessa Wallace

Operations and Customer Support

Email: twallace@wellsagsupply.com

Todd Morton

Operations Project Manager

Email: todd@wellsagsupply.com

Jorge Sandoval

Safety Director

Email: jorge@wellsagsupply.com

Chris Nielsen

Operations Support Specialist

Email: chrisn@wellsagsupply.com

Brenda Behrends

Operations Support

Martin Podraza

Warehouse and Yards Organizing Lead

Enol Tinoco

Shipping and Receiving Manager

Valentin Ramirez

Bulk Warehouse Manager

JJ McKenna

Bulk Warehouse Specialist / Equipment Maintenance

Chaz Newholm

Bulk Warehouse Specialist

Josh Smith

Bulk Warehouse Specialist

Nate Jesse

BW Bulk Warehouse Manager

Keith Thilges

BW Bulk Warehouse Specialist

Tony Ragan

BW Package Warehouse Manager

Michelle Wells

Biological Lab Manager

Email: michelle@wellsagsupply.com

Zach Vie

Package Warehouse Manager

Jose Rayo Mendieta

Package Warehouse Specialist

Troy Tuggle

Package Warehouse Specialist

Mitchell Skyberg

Warehouse Specialist

Israel Rivera

Package Warehouse / Delivery Specialist

Alex Mejia

Freight and Logistics

Luis Magana

Semi Delivery Specialist

Mike Tuggle

Semi Delivery Specialist

Don Kraus

Semi Delivery Specialist

Josh Robertson

Semi Delivery Specialist

Joel Bodholdt

Semi Delivery Specialist

Zach Schott

Gooseneck Delivery Specialist

Jared Shaw

Gooseneck Delivery Specialist

Ryan Cole

Farm Manager

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