Wells AG Supply


We will recruit, hire, and develop SELF-MOTIVATED and ADAPTABLE team members who display a high degree of ACCOUNTABILITY and EFFICIENCY.

Grant Wells

Owner & CEO

Email: grant@wellsagsupply.com

Spencer Shaw

Executive Agronomy Assistant

Email: spencer@wellsagsupply.com

Brian Meyer


Email: brian@wellsagsupply.com

Megan Hauswirth

Assistant CFO


Blake Elbert

Operations Assistant Manager

Email: blake@wellsagsupply.com

Tanner Day

Executive Agronomy Assistant

Email: tanner@wellsagsupply.com

Cody Wells

Executive Agronomy Assistant

Email: cody@wellsagsupply.com

Heather Schachtner

Credit Manager

Email: heather@wellsagsupply.com

Heather Runneberg

Operations Admin


Jessica Jergens

Office Assistant

Email: jessica@wellsagsupply.com

Kelsey Sommerfeld

Office Assistant

Email: kelsey@wellsagsupply.com

Haley Wheatley


Email: haley@wellsagsupply.com

Robin Eddy-Knutson

Office Assistant


Enol Tinoco

Warehouse Manager

Jose Rayo Mendieta

Warehouse Assistant

Valentine Ramirez

Warehouse assistant

Tony Ragan

Warehouse Assistant

Keith Thilges

Warehouse assistant / Fertilizer load out

JJ McKenna

Chemical Equipment specialist / Bulk Chemical repackaging specialist

Troy Tuggle

Warehouse Assistant

Zach Schott

Warehouse Assistant

Scott Ernst

Delivery / Truck Driver

Luis Magana

Delivery / Truck Driver

Josh Robertson

Delivery / Truck Driver

Don Kraus

Delivery / Truck Driver

Logan Higgins

Delivery / Truck Driver

Dallas Nelson

Delivery / Truck Driver

Shane Hammen

Sales Agronomist

Email: shane@wellsagsupply.com

Don Dixon

Sales Agronomist

Email: don@wellsagsupply.com

Tim Schneider

Sales Agronomist


Brandon Robbins

Sales Agronomist


Ryan Cole

Farm Managment

Michelle Wells

Biological Lab Manager

Email: michelle@wellsagsupply.com

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Fonda, IA 50540-8732

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