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Challenging the status quo of crop protection & Crop Nutrition

Based out of Fonda, IA, Wells Ag Supply is an independent agriculture inputs supplier. Founder Grant Wells felt stuck in his options for fertilizers and crop protection. He wanted to know what products worked. He wanted to explore every product available. Grant threw tradition out the window and focused on putting the controls back in the farmers hands with Wells Ag Supply.

With access to every major manufacturer and generic on the market, Wells Ag Supply provides unbiased recommendations on products best suited for each individual farmer.



We don’t sell “manufacturers”. We sell what works. Our volume allows us to get every company’s support and best price without having to try to sell their products. This means you get a 100% unbiased recommendation from our agronomists.

Empowering Farmers to Win


We will do what we say we are going to do, and do it right. Beyond our vast selection of crop performance products, our services were designed with you in mind.

24/7 Automated Fertilizer Loadout

We have three bays of automated loadout with over 20 products available for custom blends or hot loads.

Available Pumps & Meters

We take pride in servicing our complimentary bulk order pumps and meters so they actually work when you are ready to use them.

Custom Application

Owner operator custom applicators means you get a sprayer dedicated to getting the job done right, down to the finest details.

Custom Blends & Hot Loads

With access to all products and a large inventory, we can custom blend or hot load almost any combination of products on the same day you order.

Refund Returns

We take all returns including partial totes if the seal is left intact.

Aerial Application & Seeding

We offer custom aerial application and cover crop seeding.

Woman pointing to a computer screen while explaining something to another woman.


We’ll walk you through the pro’s and con’s of each product and the financing available. Let us streamline it for you.

Custom Seed Treatment

We can treat all seeds with any product—we don’t care where you purchased them.

Bulk Order Repack

We repack your bulk order to whatever quantity your order calls for, and are willing to add extra to the totes so you don’t run out.


We stock large amounts of inventory so we have it on hand in-season when you need it. We deliver all orders—no minimums necessary.


Our Purpose: Empowering Farmers to Win

Our Priorities:

Our Strategies:

  • Provide transparent information about product performance, price, and ease of use, and let the farmer decide
  • Leverage our volume and low overhead to deliver the best value
  • Provide an accurate level of service for each individual customer
  • Encourage critical thinking and challenge traditional ways of doing business

Effective, high-quality brands at competitive prices

Supplying You with the Best

Our Blog

What We’re Currently Focused On

A map showing the Wells Ag Supply site in Fonda, Iowa. Labels denote the various buildings and driveways.

Navigating Wells Ag Supply

Spring is here and we’ve launched head-first into the hustle and bustle of the season. With improvements made around the site over the last few years, a few guidance reminders will help you navigate the pick-up or delivery of your products.

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A row of soybeans in a field

Dicamba Cutoff Solutions

In February we learned that dicamba herbicide restrictions were moved up to a June 12 cutoff date. With soybeans continuing to be planted earlier, that leaves a lot of the season left for weed pressure, particularly from waterhemp. That news left us looking for solutions.

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A person holding a small waterhemp seed head

Waterhemp & Weather: What Went Wrong?

If you’re like us, you’re probably scratching your head wondering why nothing seemed to control waterhemp this year. Zach Trower, an Agronomist from Syngenta, dug into the issue and uncovered some valuable insight we’d like to share with our customers.

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