Agricultural Chemicals

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We specialize in poultry manure sales and application on your farm.

We can grid sample your farm by soil type, blend your specific kind of dry fertilizer, and spread it with competitive prices!

Ag Chemicals


Ag Chemicals

Preventing pests is always cheaper than getting rid of them.

We offer an extensive selection of name-brand and low-cost generic substitute herbicides and pesticides to meet your specific needs.

Seed Treatment


Seed Treatment

We utilize our Commercial On Demand Seed Treater to custom blend many different products for your soybean and corn seed.

We specialize in picking the seed up at your farm, treating and delivering the seed back to your farm.

Biological Nutrition


Biological Nutrition

Want better yield results? We offer a unique combination of biological products for use in corn and soybeans.

We pride ourselves on being able to provide the quality of nutrition your crops need backed by local data.

Increase Yields and Save Money

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Wells AG Supply

We provide a full line of products to help you raise the highest yields from start to finish including seed, seed treatment, in-furrow nutrition, pre and post chemicals, foliar nutrition, fungicides and insecticides, dry fertilizer, poultry manure, soil sampling, fast delivery, and an extensive custom application services.

  • Experienced, straight forward, & honest
  • Comprehensive & extensive product supply
  • Extensive poultry manure availability
  • Super-Expedient delivery
  • Over-the-Top service

24 Hour Nitrogen Load Out

Efficiency, Quality, and Cost are what sets Wells Ag Supply apart from other retailers. To help us Achieve these goals we have invested in a 24 hour, self loading, liquid fertilizer load out. This allows you to be able to keep going late at night and on weekends to help get things done when Mother Nature offers you a window.

Giving Back

We want to say thanks by giving back to our local community. We've donated to many local organizations such as high school athletics, food pantry, 4H and many more!


We are constantly holding professional and community events, amazing promotions, and seasonal sales. See what we're up to today.

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