We don’t sell “manufacturers”. We sell what works. Our volume allows us to get every company’s support and best price without having to try to push their products. This means you get a 100% unbiased recommendation from our agronomists.

We’ve sorted through the intricate details of each brand’s programs and are ready to sit down with you and help find the solutions best for your farm.


crop nutrition

We have a 24-hour 32% liquid nitrogen automated self-loadout facility. We offer custom blends, one of the most popular being ammonium thiosulfate (ATS). We also have the ability to mix accurate hot loads for your spraying needs.

We offer a wide range of dry fertilizer products including the standard MAP, DAP and potash. You might also be interested in our custom blend, custom application, zone and grid sampling services. In-season sampling is available too!

As a partner in BW Fusion, Wells Ag Supply offers full access to BW Fusion nutrients, biology and fertility products. Our Fonda location proudly brews a large portion of their microbiologicals and serves as a major distribution hub. Interested in learning more about BW Fusion crop nutritionals and biologicals? Contact us today.

Wells Ag Supply has a massive supply of poultry litter and manure. All of our poultry litter is Organic Certified and contains balanced levels of N, P, K, S, micronutrients, microbes, and organic matter.


crop Protection

Wells Ag Supply has access to every herbicide program, insecticide and fungicide product on the market. It can be confusing for farmers to understand all the different chemistries. Our team does this for you while staying unbiased toward any particular brand. We are able to leverage our volume to get you competitive prices.

We will get to understand your unique situation and help sort out and narrow down to the programs and products that will be the the most effective for you.


winners circle

We weren’t happy with the adjuvants we’d tried and the market is highly unregulated, so we created our own.

Winners Circle Adjuvants were hand-picked and created from the highest quality ingredients. No ‘all-in-one’ promises here. Each of our adjuvants was designed for a specific purpose.

Oil Adjuvants

Winners Circle Adjuvant MSO XLHigh Surfactant Oil Concentrate

MSO XL is a methylated seed oil (MSO) and emulsifier blend made from American-grown soybeans. With each jug containing approximately 1.5 bushels of soybeans, MSO XL works to soften the cuticle wax and speed up the penetration process of active ingredients into the plant leaf. Designed to improve uniform coverage throughout the canopy, MSO XL is an excellent spreader and wetting adjuvant that is compatible with most herbicides.

MSO XL meets the label requirements of many active ingredients including: Topramezone (Armezon®/Impact®), Clethodim, Atrazine, Flumioxasin, Gramoxone, Status®, DiFlexx®, and Tembotrione (Laudis®).

Post-emerge application on all corn and soybean traits.
Not for use on fungicides.

Winners Circle Adjuvant MSO 84

Modified Vegetable Oil Concentrate

Penetrating into the leaf surface, MSO 84 improves uniform coverage. MSO 84 combines 84% methylated seed oil (MSO) and emulsifiers to enhance wetting of the target and diffusion of the active ingredient through the weather-hardened cuticle of grasses and broadleaf plants. MSO 84 meets the standards of active ingredient labels that recommend or require the use of MSO or crop oil when tank mixing.

Post-emerge application on all corn and soybean traits.
Not for use on fungicides.

Winners Circle Adjuvant COC XL

High Load Crop Oil Concentrate

With its economical paraffinic oil formulation, COC XL permeates waxy, weather-hardened plant cuticles and allows active ingredients to penetrate into the mode of action site. COC XL is a high load crop oil concentrate (COC) and emulsifier blend for use when labels recommend or require a high surfactant oil concentrate adjuvant (HSOC). COC XL delivers a uniform application that improves the wetting agents in broadcast applications.

COC XL meets the label requirements of many active ingredients including: Glufosinate (Liberty®), Status®, Diflexx®, Clethodim, Atrazine, Flumioxasin, Enlist One®, Enlist Duo®, and Gramoxone.

Post-emerge application on all corn and soybean traits.

Winners Circle Adjuvant COC 17%
Crop Oil Concentrate

COC 17% is formulated to deliver an industry-standard crop oil concentrate (COC) and emulsifying system that increases wetting and uniform distribution of active ingredients throughout the canopy. By softening the leaf surface wax and improving penetration of active ingredients through weather-hardened leaves, COC 17% works to facilitate transportation to the mode of action site.

COC 17% is recommended for use when the label recommends or requires an “8317” type crop oil concentrate. COC 17% is a standard 83% crop oil concentrate that can be used on any application, and is hotter and more reactant than nonionic surfactants.

Post-emerge application on all corn and soybean traits.
Approved with Enlist One®, Enlist Duo®, and Liberty®.


Winners Circle Adjuvant NIS 90Nonionic Surfactant | Humectant

NIS 90 meets the requirements of active ingredient manufacturers for a NIS 90:10. NIS 90 was developed to effectively break water surface tension and provide superior wetting ability necessary to spread crop protection products uniformly throughout the canopy. This increases the target contact time and improves herbicide uptake.

NIS 90 includes a defoamer for easy mixing, and is recommended for use on both agricultural crops and non-crops.

NIS 90 is compatible with most crop protection products including Callisto®, Callisto Extra®, Resicore®, Acuron®, Acuron GT®, Halex GT®, Mes-O-Sate® and Realm® Q.

Post-emerge herbicide application on corn and soybeans.
Post-emerge fungicide or insecticide application on soybeans.

Winners Circle Adjuvant COMPLETENonionic Surfactant | Water Conditioner | Deposition Aid | Defoamer

COMPLETE is an all-in-one water conditioning drift nonionic surfactant (NIS) that is an NPE-free multi-functional adjuvant. Developed to condition mixing water, COMPLETE ensures uniform coverage and prevents application drift by improving the spray application pattern. COMPLETE contains ammonium sulfate (AMS) which promotes the uptake of herbicides such as glyphosate in foliar applications. COMPLETE is recommended for use with herbicides compatible with low-pH tank mixes.

Post-emerge application on corn.
Best results are shown used in addition to glyphosate.

Winners Circle Adjuvant INFILTRATORNonionic Surfactant | Water Conditioner | Deposition Aid | Drift Reduction 

INFILTRATOR is the next-generation multifunctional adjuvant that delivers increased efficacy where needed. INFILTRATOR contains a patent-pending, NPE-free surfactant emulsion technology which improves application coverage while conditioning water without interfering with droplet formation. The included water conditioner helps to ensure prolonged pesticide activity.

INFILTRATOR has thorough penetration capabilities that improves active
ingredient efficacy without the use of ammonium sulfate (AMS). The surfactant system in INFILTRATOR increases the activity and effectiveness of herbicides, fungicides and insecticides by breaking down the waxy cuticle on the leaf surface while improving adhesion between the active ingredient and plant surface.

INFILTRATOR is recommended for use on all agricultural crops and non-crops, and is compatible with most active ingredients such as glyphosate, 2,4-D and dicamba.

Use with Enlist® pre and post applications.
Pair INFILTRATOR with COC XL at 1 qt per 100 gal of spray solution OR with COC 17% at 2 qts per 100 gal of spray solution.

INFILTRATOR is approved for use with Enlist One®and Enlist Duo® in place of an ammonium sulfate (AMS) and is compatible with a broad range of active ingredients.


Winners Circle Adjuvant NIS 90Ammonium Sulfate Defoamer

Formulated with liquid ammonium sulfate solution, 34% Liquid AMS improves herbicide performance by modifying solution pH and reducing active ingredient interaction with hard water ions. The ammoniacal nitrogen 34% Liquid AMS has been proven to promote the uptake of herbicides like glyphosate in foliar applications. 34% Liquid AMS works as a water conditioner that prevents cold water sedimentation and nozzle plugging that is commonly found with dry AMS. 34% Liquid AMS contains a pH-stable antifoaming agent that reduces foaming when tank mixing.

34% Liquid AMS is recommended for use on a broad range of crop and non-crop uses including agriculture, turf, ornamental, industrial vegetation management (IVM); and specialty crops.

Not for use on dicamba soybeans.
34% Liquid AMS is a true substitute for granular AMS.

34% Liquid AMS is an alternative to 51 lb AMS bags. Use 34% Liquid AMS
when you need an ammonium sulfate (AMS) application including Flexstar®, Cobra® and Enlist®. This adjuvant is not for use on dicamba soybeans.

Winners Circle Adjuvant N Class 34%AMS Water Conditioner | Nonionic Surfactant

N CLASS 34% is a low-foaming formulation that contains the proper ammonium sulfate (AMS) and surfactant level to optimize efficacy from glyphosate, glufosinate and many other pesticides. N CLASS 34% provides uniform coverage and active ingredient uptake. N CLASS 34% conditions tank-mixing water by preventing hard water minerals and dust particles from interacting with the active ingredient.

N CLASS 34% is compatible with most active ingredients and is recommended for use on all crops and non-crops.

Post-emerge applications on corn and soybeans.


Winners Circle Adjuvant WIND DRIFTDeposition Aid | Drift Reduction Agent

WIND DRIFT is an NPE-free next-generation oil and emulsion drift control agent that improves deposition and reduces active ingredient drift from the target surface in spray applications. WIND DRIFT is engineered to improve the deposition of pesticide applications by maximizing the number of spray droplets within the ideal size range for drift reduction and canopy penetration. WIND DRIFT does not produce large spray droplets like polymer drift products. The internal cohesion of the components helps to deter droplet shearing into fines which move off-target into sensitive areas.

WIND DRIFT is recommended for use on all crops and non-crops and is compatible with most active ingredients such as glyphosate, 2,4-D and dicamba.

Winners Circle Adjuvant Bullseye + DRAAMS-Free Water Conditioner | Surfactant Drift Control | Deposition Aid

Bullseye + DRA is an all-in-one adjuvant that has been approved for use as a drift reduction agent (DRA) with Bayer XtendiMax®, BASF Engenia® and DuPont™ FeXapan™. Bullseye + DRA optimizes spray droplet size to create uniform control and accurate delivery of your pesticide. It improves the adhesion of the active ingredient to the target and increases coverage throughout the canopy. Bullseye + DRA is formulated with an AMS-free water conditioner that helps prevent the loss of active ingredient efficacy that can occur when the mixing water is mineral-saturated or of unknown quality. Built for easy mixing, Bullseye + DRA includes a defoamer.

Bullseye + DRA is recommended for use on all agricultural crops and non-crops and is compatible with most active ingredients such as glyphosate, 2,4-D and dicamba.

Winners Circle Adjuvant PreventFOAMAntifoaming Agent | Defoaming Agent

Prevent FOAM is an efficient silicone-based antifoaming agent that quickly dissipates foam structures and helps prevent further formation of tank-mix foam. Prevent FOAM eliminates foam formation with application that can result in loss of accurate pesticide rates through spillover during mix agitation, and eliminate the regeneration of foam during field applications.

Winners Circle Adjuvant MAKE FoamFoam Marker

MAKE Foam is a tough, dense and flexible foam marker with excellent stability, designed to tolerate a variety of weather conditions including adverse weather.

MAKE Foam includes components that allow the spray solution to perform in practically any water, hard or soft; hot or cold. Once applied, MAKE Foam creates a firm, dense foam with outstanding stability, and can be tinted to increase visibility in low light situations. Ensure the foam water tank is completely cleansed of other foam markers and products before adding MAKE Foam.

Winners Circle Adjuvant Premium TANK Cleaner

Premium TANK Cleaner rinses your tank and spray equipment efficiently between applications to help prevent active ingredient contamination. Premium TANK Cleaner is a high pH tank and equipment cleaner that thoroughly penetrates, solubilizes and removes both pesticide residue and hard water deposits from sprayer tank walls, hoses, end caps, screens and nozzles. Premium TANK Cleaner is recommended for use in equipment used to apply active ingredients and is registered for agricultural, aquatic, IVM and turf applications.

Winners Circle Adjuvant NEUTRAL pHpH Indicator | Acidifier Water Conditioner | Wetter/Spreader

NEUTRAL pH is a surfactant that conditions mixing water and helps prevent rapid breakdown of pH-sensitive pesticides such as glyphosate, organophosphates, carbamates and synthetic pyrethroids. NEUTRAL pH has a built-in indicator dye that makes it easy to see when the required pH range is reached. NEUTRAL pH buffering improves tank-mix compatibility when combining pesticides and nutrients. The premium surfactants in NEUTRAL pH spread active ingredients thoroughly across the target area.

NEUTRAL pH increases application wetting and penetration through waxy or weather-hardened surfaces.

Winners Circle Adjuvant WINNERS VRAVolatility Reducing Agent

A stand-alone volatility reduction aid (VRA), WINNERS VRA is an approved VaporGrip® Xtra Agent for use with herbicides containing dicamba such as Tavium®, Engenia®, and XtendiMax®. The EPA requires use of an approved pH buffering adjuvant such as WINNERS VRA with each tank-mix solution containing dicamba to reduce the volatility potential. WINNERS VRA is for use on all dicamba sprays.

Winners Circle Adjuvant VAPOR Drift DRA + VRAVolatility Reducing Agent | Drift Control Adjuvant | Water Conditioner

VAPOR Drift DRA + VRA is a multi-functional adjuvant that includes water conditioning, water softening, drift control and volatility reduction needed when applying certain forms of dicamba. VAPOR Drift DRA + VRA helps to form consistent droplet sizes within the optimum range for uniform control and accurate delivery of the application. VAPOR Drift DRA + VRA is formulated with an AMS-free water conditioner that helps prevent the loss of active ingredient efficacy that can occur when the mixing water is mineral-saturated or of unknown quality.

VAPOR Drift DRA + VRA is approved for use as a DRA and VRA application with Bayer XtendiMax®, BASF Engenia®, and Syngenta Tavium®. VAPOR Drift DRA + VRA is recommended for use on all agricultural crops and is compatible with most active ingredients such as glyphosate, 2,4-D and dicamba.

Additional Options

Winners Circle Adjuvant ZOOMMethylated Seed Oil | Concentrate | Water Conditioner | Activator ZOOM is an NPE-free multifunctional adjuvant that softens plant wetting-resistant cuticles for fast penetration and uptake of herbicides. With its dual water conditioning and optimized droplet size, ZOOM optimizes herbicide efficacy. This premium high surfactant oil concentrate (HSOC) is compatible with many active ingredient tank mixes. ZOOM meets the requirements of pesticide labels that require a methylated seed oil (MSO) or a high surfactant oil concentrate (HSOC).

Winners Circle Adjuvant Effect GCDeposition Aid | Drift Control Agent

Effect GC is an anti-drift, easy-to-use adjuvant used to improve deposition and reduce application drift at an ultra-low use rate. Effect GC is an industry-standard polymer emulsion compatible with most spray equipment and nozzle types including specialized drift-reduction nozzles. Effect GC is recommended for use with most crop protection products including glyphosate and dicamba.

Winners Circle Adjuvant ALL CompCompatibility Agent

ALL Comp ensures both fertilizers and pesticides can work together in a stable tank-mix solution. This useful compatibility agent provides a solution when multiple actives are tank-mixed to help ensure a successful application without problems.



At Wells Ag Supply we wanted to be able to provide our farmers with seed options that can provide you with tremendous yield potential but at an affordable price. We want to make sure the seed selections fit your specific acre rather than just selling you what won in the plot last year. Seed is such a critical part of the outcome of the crop, and we want to be part of the selection process to help empower our farmers to be more profitable on every acre.

We have partnered with LG Seeds, Midwest Seed Genetics, Champion, and BASF soybean offerings in Credenz and Xitavo. We want to focus on a few brands that bring a lot of value to you as the producer. We carefully selected ones that will work with us to provide a great price along with financing options.