Guiding You Through Carbon Intensity Scores


What would you do for a 10 to 50 cent increase per bushel of corn? It could be as easy as getting your farm a certified carbon intensity rating.

We’ve been waiting for a few years to jump into this carbon conversation… until now. We’ve begun meeting with ethanol plants and third party carbon intensity certifiers in order to bring you valuable information on what this could mean for your bottom line.

Take a listen to last month’s Grant’s Top Three segment to get the background on this topic. Long story short, the government is issuing a tax credit to ethanol plants if they can match or beat a certain carbon intensity rating for renewable fuels. The government has also given default carbon intensity scores to each county – these scores automatically apply to your farmland unless you get your ground certified with its own score from a third party certifier.

Simply certifying your ground can bring your land’s score down significantly. Ethanol plants have valued these lower scores at anywhere from 10 to 50 cents per bushel.

We’re starting to offer meetings on this topic. Can we help get you the information you need to negotiate better prices for your grain?

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