Save Dollars With Better Soil Sampling


The first (and most important!) questions to answer when deciding on a fertilizer program are:

“What nutrients does my field need?”

“How much do I need to apply?”

Traditionally, farmers have been pointed in the direction of grid sampling to provide these answers. But, are 2.5 acre grids truly showing you the intricacies of your various soil types? These grids average out the field instead of helping you pinpoint problem areas that might not return your investment no matter how much you apply.

We’ve been recommending BaselineRx to growers the past few years. BaselineRx is a sampling program that analyzes your field by zones rather than a grid. These zones are created through NIR imagery and topography, soil composition, and water flow patterns. Ideally, a grower would want to invest in a high-producing zone differently than a low-producing zone. How can we give each zone exactly what they need to maximize their potential?

Another innovation that BaselineRx brings to the table is it’s testing capabilities. Traditional soil sampling tests analyze nutrient levels, organic matter, nitrates, pH, and exchange capacities. BaselineRx tests for all these standard metrics, but also analyzes VAST, SLAN, HT3, ammoniacal N, total organic N, total organic carbon, H3A extract package, nutrient relationships, and your soil health score on top of that.

We believe you need the full picture when making a crop input decision, so the depth of information this tool can provide get us really excited (we’re agronomy nerds, we know).

Our sales agronomists are ready to answer your questions and get your fields booked for the fall sampling season.

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