Seed Treatment Services

boxes of seed ready for custom seed treatment at Wells Ag Supply

Sales Agronomist Shane Hammen has spearheaded seed treating at Wells Ag Supply since we started offering this service nearly 10 years ago.

“We believe you should be able to buy your seed anywhere, but also have the choice to get it treated with anything,” says Shane. “Its just another way we are challenging the traditional ways of ag retail.”

That’s why Wells Ag invested in getting the industry’s state of the art seed treating technology, Bayer On Demand. With this software, every individual batch of seed is weighed against its own scale, and every product applied is weighed separately and tracked by the computer. This allows us to be extremely precise and cut out any guesswork.

Seed from any brand can be treated with any combination of chemical and nutritionals. Our team offers several dropoff and delivery options:

  • Purchase your seed from Wells Ag Supply and we’ll treat and deliver directly.
  • If purchased elsewhere, have your seed direct-shipped to our location for treatment.
  • We can even send a driver to pick up your seed, treat them, and deliver them back.

Custom treatment turnaround time can be as fast as 24 to 48 hours.

Not only do we have access to any brand-name products for seed treatment, we offer custom blends of comparable premium products that are very cost effective against their branded counterpart. Additionally, some seed treatments qualify for financing. Our sales agronomists are the best resource for questions on these options.

“Custom seed treatment is empowering farmers to break free from brand bias,” says Shane. “Get your seeds from any brand. Treat them with any product. Anytime the farmer gets to do what they want is a win in our book.

Shane Hammen

By: Shane Hammen | Sales Agronomist

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