BW Fusion: The Future of Crop Performance

BW Fusion logo

You may have noticed BW Fusion logos around the Wells Ag Supply site here in Fonda, IA.

The roots of this company stem directly from a partnership between Biodyne-USA and Wells Ag Supply. The future of agriculture is being developed right here in Fonda, Iowa!

When Wells Ag Supply started back in 2009, we knew there was more to farming than just nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium, but we couldn’t quite put our finger on it. We also knew we wanted more from our soil and tissue sample results. Instead of receiving results based off of an “average” dating back 65 years, we wanted to see exactly what was sufficient or deficient in our growers’ fields. True to Wells Ag Supply’s values, we wanted to see what worked and what didn’t.

At that time, the idea of biologicals was entering the marketplace. Rumors were spreading that Monsanto was starting to invest in this technology, and farmers were starting to seek our advice.

We knew we had to keep up with the competition and stay in front of this new wave of product technology. We began researching biological companies we felt had growers’ best interests in mind. Of the products tested, we were most impressed with Biodyne. After forming a good business relationship with them, Biodyne brought up the idea of fermenting these microbial products at our location in Iowa rather than at their Indiana headquarters.

As Wells Ag Supply started manufacturing Biodyne products, Biodyne became more interested in marketing additional products than just biologicals. Wells Ag Supply wanted to help identify those next-level products and play a role in manufacturing them. So, a fusion of our two companies began: BW Fusion.

The central goals of BW Fusion’s efforts have been securing the right people, products, and proof.

Many people crossed our path at the right time and doors started opening. The first of these was Bodie Kitchel, now BW Fusion’s National Director of Agronomy. For the five years prior to joining BW Fusion, he had been working under Jason Schley from Next Level Ag in South Dakota. Bodie agreed to work for BW Fusion under one condition – that Jason’s agronomy insight platform, Agronomy 365, came with him.

After speaking with Jason, it didn’t take long to realize that this man had many of our forward-thinking goals already figured out. From a span of 15 to 20 years of development, he had created Agronomy 365 to prove or disprove any agronomic product out there using in-depth soil and tissue analysis and reports. We were building a fantastic team of people, and now had the tool to deliver the proof.

We then hired a formulation chemist to help BW Fusion build different technologies that performed better than status quo chemicals. From glycines to humic acids to seaweed extracts and more, the BW Fusion product line-up began coming together and proving itself time and time again. Our eyes were opened – we had the people, the proof, and now the products that today’s farmers sorely needed. We finally had all the information to expose the truth.

Fast forward to today, BW Fusion has their own department here at Wells Ag Supply. This includes folks involved in administration, education, sales, and Agronomy 365 support. This team doesn’t just sell products, they truly educate growers on what is happening on their farms and where they should allocate their dollars. The goal is to uncover the truth and put the power back in the growers’ hands to get maximum efficiency out of each dollar spent.

Although BW Fusion is part of Wells Ag Supply, you may begin to work with both entities. Expect to receive statements from both businesses, as we operate on separate books. Our goal, however, is to feel and act as one – a true ‘fusion’! Our culture and mindset is aligned. Experience the people, the products, and the proof as BW Fusion delivers the future of crop performance.

When it comes to applying these values to your farm’s fertility, set up a consultation with our BW Fusion sales team. They can expose limiting factors in every field and guide you in achieving your own personal records.

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