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Grant's Top Three
Biological Nutrition

Soybean Plant Health at R2-R3

Grant challenges traditional soybean fungicides by offering a stronger solution for plant health at this point in the season.

Grant's Top Three
Biological Nutrition

Carbon Creates Yield

Grant explains how to get carbon – soluble carbon – to work for YOU.

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Biological Nutrition

BW Fusion: The Future of Crop Performance

The roots of this company stem directly from a partnership between Biodyne-USA and Wells Ag Supply. The future of agriculture is being developed right here in Fonda, Iowa!

Man driving forklift carrying agriculture input supplies
Ag Chemicals

Guided Growth

While many other agriculture input suppliers today try to offer every service or product a farmer might need to run their business, we instead have identified and fine-tuned what we are insanely good at–fertilizer, crop protection, seed and agronomically supporting our farmers.

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Biological Nutrition

Wells Ag Supply & Biodyne

There are so many exciting things happening right now at Wells Ag Supply, and BW Fusion is one of them. Many of you will start to hear the name and see the BW Fusion logo. I wanted to discuss how this company is connected to Wells Ag Supply.