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boxes of seed ready for custom seed treatment at Wells Ag Supply
Seed Treatment

Seed Treatment Services

Get your seeds from any brand. Treat them with any product. Anytime the farmer gets to do what they want is a win in our book.

Machinery in dry fertilizer warehouse

Depend On Us For Dry Fertilizer

We’ve got every major dry fertilizer product including potash, MAP, DAP, AMS, urea, pellet lime, sulfur, SO4 pelletized gypsum, and more that we are able to source and offer.

Waterhemp in soybean field

A New Age of Waterhemp Control

Waterhemp has overtaken most others in becoming the defining weed of our current weed control programs. Many modes of action have succumbed to waterhemp resistance, leaving us with fewer effective ways to deal with it.

crop duster plane flying
Aerial Spraying & Seeding

Aerial Application

Wells Ag Supply has two planes that work solely for our farmers. These dedicated aircraft allow us to serve your dry fertilizer, fungicide, insecticide, and aerial seeding needs in a very timely manner.

Grant's Top Three
Biological Nutrition

Soybean Plant Health at R2-R3

Grant challenges traditional soybean fungicides by offering a stronger solution for plant health at this point in the season.

Grant's Top Three

Fertilizer Summer Fill

Good news – summer fill 32% prices are significantly lower than last year. 

Wells Ag Supply nitrogen loadout facility in Paton, Iowa

Nitrogen Locations

In addition to our home-base facility in Fonda, we have a million gallon tank and ATS blending capabilities in Primghar, Hampton, and Paton.

A row of soybeans in a field

Dicamba Cutoff Solutions

In February we learned that dicamba herbicide restrictions were moved up to a June 12 cutoff date. With soybeans continuing to be planted earlier, that leaves a lot of the season left for weed pressure, particularly from waterhemp. That news left us looking for solutions.