Nitrogen Locations

Wells Ag Supply nitrogen loadout facility in Paton, Iowa

Loadout Facilities Across Iowa

Did you know Wells Ag Supply offers 32% loadout at three other locations in Iowa?

In addition to our home-base facility in Fonda, we have a million gallon tank and ATS blending capabilities in Primghar, Hampton, and Paton. If you are located nearby, or these locations suit your logistics better than our Fonda site, talk to our team. We can create tickets for these locations and notify them of your order.

Any loadout tickets created are location specific. This means your tickets created for Fonda will not work at any of the other sites.

The process at each location is the same as the Fonda 24/7 shed. You will input your PIN to access the shed, then your ticket number and customer number.

Kelsey Sommerfeld is the best contact here at Wells Ag Supply to help you access these 32% facilities.

CONTACT: 712-830-9867

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