Guided Growth

Man driving forklift carrying agriculture input supplies

Continuing to expand while remaining focused on what matters most

When you visit Wells Ag Supply or talk with our team, you’ll most likely hear about the growing list of products we offer, additions to our employee team, building expansions, upgrades to our equipment or added product blending and mixing–and all of that is true. Wells Ag Supply has stayed focused on remaining progressive and ready with the products farmers need to win this year and next year.

Wells Ag Supply doesn’t try to be everything for every farmer. You won’t find us offering feed, grain services or energy. While many other agriculture input suppliers today try to offer every service or product a farmer might need to run their business, we instead have identified and fine-tuned what we are insanely good at–fertilizer, crop protection, seed and agronomically supporting our farmers.

This “true north,” if you will, keeps us focused on challenging the traditional ways of ag retail to better deliver wins to our farmers. More specifically, we can leverage volume, center on service of individual customers, and remain unbiased to offer more product options than any other retailer by retaining this business model focus.

We are able to source and store high volumes of product so you can access fair prices and receive quick delivery. When application of product is needed, we are able to hire local applicators with their own equipment who take personal pride in the jobs they do. We would rather support those local applicators and ensure quality for our farmers than use application services as another profit building portion of our business.

Keeping Wells Ag Supply focused on fertilizer, crop protection and seed doesn’t mean we’re tied to only bringing the basics. The opposite is true, in fact. Because we are hyper-targeted on crop inputs, we are able to identify and test new products on the market. This is how we are able to lead competing retailers in giving our farmers access to proven crop biological products. We saw an emerging market and immediately went to researching what works and what doesn’t. This began eight years ago, and today, our farmers are seasons ahead of others in using biologicals and biostimulants with their crop nutrition. Now we not only offer these products, but we are so deeply invested in the relationship that we are manufacturing Biodyne biologicals on-site, right here in Fonda.

When we say that we stay aimed at our true north, we don’t just mean as an overall business. Wells Ag Supply is the best-of-the-best for crop protection, fertilizer and seed, and to do that, we’ve got the best-of-the-best in each step of the process. Every member of our team knows they individually impact the success of each farmer-customer. This empowers our team to go the extra mile, ask the right questions and bring unique solutions to the table.

I’m proud to say we continue to kick the status-quo in ag retail by staying truly focused on our crop input business model. We aren’t interested in offering the next shiny object in order to make a sale. We are only interested in selling what works and empowers our farmer-customers in their crop production goals so we can build a relationship and earn your long-term business.

Grant Wells

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